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Erotic Stories Sites

The first form of porn to ever appear in the history, besides the nude paintings, was in writing, and there is something primal about it which can turn you on in the instant you start reading it. Still, nowadays it is really hard to get to the quality content, which is why the Hot Porn Bible has decided to compile a list of the very best erotic stories sites just for your very own pleasure. Whether you are looking for short stories with the main character explaining their sexual adventures, or maybe just for a full-on porn literature, it does not really matter because you are bound to find everything you need on these awesome websites. All that you really need to do is chose between these erotic stories sites and start reading up on them. We assure you that you will not regret clicking at least on one of these, because we have visited all of them and they are excellent.

1. LushStories
2. aSexStories