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BabeForums is a forum as the name says and once you enter here, you will get a limited access as a guest. By joining, you will gain full access to thousands of videos, pictures and much more of the content that this forum has to offer. Membership is absolutely free and registration is fast and simple so you can register today and join one of the friendliest communities on the net! BabeForums was devised as a bulletin board and is an online discussion site. It’s sometimes also called a ‘board’ or ‘forums’. It may contain several categories, consisting of forums, threads and individual posts. The bulletin board as a whole contains various categories (broad subject areas), which themselves contain forums (more specific subject areas) which contain threads (conversations on a topic) which are made out of individual posts. The board home page has a list of categories and forums, with basic statistics for each – including the number of threads and posts, and which member posted the most recent message. When you click on a forum’s name, you are taken to the list of threads it contains. A thread is a conversation between members or guests. Each thread starts out as a single post and grows as more individual posts are added by different users. Threads can be rated to show how useful or popular they are and may contain polls. To start a new thread simply click on the new thread button. If you know which forum you want to go to, you can use the Forum Jump control, which appears at the bottom of many pages within the board. To view information about a particular member, click on the user name. This will take you to their public profile page.