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Before entering BDSMcommunity, a visitor should know that here you will not be able to find any pornographic content what so ever. So, no depictions of kinky and fetish activities. Rather than just popping in some porn videos of a bunch of guys and girls in leather with whips, here people mostly talk about such experiences, discuss the subject, ask some questions and more or less just get more information about BDSM and promote the cause in a positive fashion. So, for example, if you want to read something about BDSM or just ask a question because you are not sure of something, this is the right place to do it. BDSMcommunity is currently 43,383 users strong so, that number makes sure that you will get what you are looking for here without any question. It’s very much an environment that helps educate people on the various aspects of BDSM and how to do it and stay safe while engaging in those kinds of action. BDSMcommunity is a hub for discussion, questions, help and conversation. Most people here are happy to answer even the most basic of questions to further help the understanding of BDSM. There are quite a few rules here so make sure you get to know them before you start. As usual, on the right side, there is a sidebar with guidelines, friends, and surveys, so start your tour and get to know the charms of BDSM.