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This subreddit is a combination of BDSM(bondage, domination, sadomasochistic) and Gone Wild! Gone Wild is a phrase that was created by the reddit community and stands for something pornographic or sexual. BDSMGW has 38,403 readers in this moment and here you can find all sorts of fetishes and engagements. Most of the subs here are fetish based. There are even some blood plays here due to little restrictions. It seems that the users are the ones rather than the mods who decide what is good or bad, based on upvotes and downvotes. So anything goes as long as the rest of the community is ok with it. The best part about BDSM GW is the fact that all of the content is amateur in nature and uploaded by members of the community and all of its content is totally for free. The rules are very simple, images are tagged with the gender of the subjects: [M] for male, [F] for female, [CD] for crossdressers, [TW] for trans women, [TM] for trans men or simply [F] and [M] however you prefer. People harassing posters they believe are trans but who tag with F and M will not be tolerated. Here, you will be able to find images that uploaders are either the subjects of or the photographers of. Artistic images and pornographic images are welcome too so it is not only sexual content all the time. There is a list of friendly subreddits that are recommended.