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Apparently, there is a fetish for girls that are not wearing anything from below the waist. Not only that there is a fetish, there is a whole community and a subreddit devoted to it. Bottomless Vixens is exactly that, a subreddit for pictures of clothed female models, nude from the waist down. Interesting to hear and to see. 45,000 readers is quite a large number so this is not some plain site for nudity, no, this is something entirely different. There are five main rules that every user here must obey before having some fun. Preferred image hosts are Imgur and Minus mostly and those are recommended. Bottomless Vixens is devoted to both professional and amateur content – some of which is submitted by users of the site. The content is for free and is updated regularly. The reason why Bottomless Vixens insist on Imgur and Minus could be because they want to stop adds and similar material to get to the subreddit, which is ok. Not much hardcore porn content here but if you are into photos of beautiful women who are only half dressed, this is probably the right place for you because here, that is the only thing that you will find. It is all photography of girls that aren’t wearing pants or panties with an occasional gif or a video. On the right side, you can find suggested sites and it is a long list so feel free to check them out as well.