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Chicken8 is a real clean site with a whole ton of fine Asian porn which has become quite popular lately I might say! If you like Asian girls then here’s a pretty damn good site for them, Chicken8 has about what you would expect from a site with that reputation. There is a lot of Asian porn, in fact, everything here is about amateur content or self-filmed clips, uploaded directly to the site! The site also has a clean layout with not too much advertising so all in all the site gives you a pretty easy going surfer experience. Once the homepage loads, you will see the usual set of things, Videos being watched goes first, under it is Free tube with Recently Added, Most Popular, Top Rated and Longest videos! There are pages and pages of videos here so it will take some time to go through it all but if you love Asian porn, I’m sure it will worth it! I was curious about how many pages are there and I reached to 122nd and that was not all of it so, I guess there is a lot more material here! Now, the categories are what I’m talking about! There are 20 different categories here, all loaded with videos so feel free to surf around! I saw some pretty usual ones as well as some unusual like Voyeur and Scandal! If Asian porn is your thing, Chicken8 is the place that has it all!