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ChristianGirls is a very interesting name for a subreddit that is based mostly on naked photos of various girls from around the globe. It was described as a dedicated site to celebrating beautiful, God-fearing women who have been overcome by the seductive song of Satan and given into their inner desires. Sounds like a bunch of girls who are craving attention to me. While the name of the subreddit refers to girls of the Christian faith, all other religions are welcome here so that means that you will be able to find naked photos and images of girls of all kinds of religion, getting undressed, because, underneath their clothes, they are all the same in the eyes of God. The thing is, they are not the same in the eyes of the viewers, that is for sure! The only criteria for content here is that there is some sort of religious symbolism, clothing, tattoos or iconography that would point to which religion does that particular girl belong to. There are 4 rules that have been presented as the 4 commandments, which is cool and those can be found in the right sidebar. ChristianGirls is a place where everybody can post pictures that would get them banned from the Church. This subreddit seeks to find out the truth behind the claims a lot of girls make about being religious and yet, they are not ashamed to get naked in front of the camera. Public nudity is the quickest path to redemption and the saving of one’s soul. Only through the sharing of nakedness do we find purity. Touching.