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DListed started as The D-List on January 23, 2005. It is also updated very heavily like every five seconds since then, making sure there is no shortage of new materials for your hungry eyes! Celebrity blogs are pretty damn big in this day and age of the Internet, which is why we’re talking about Dlisted. Put simply, it’s a pretty popular destination for you to find out information about the world’s most famous and interesting people. The posts there range from Kim Kardashian`s nude selfie to Janet Jackson postponing her entire European tour so you get the picture where this is going! I know, one of those things is not like the other and I hate that melon-faced socialite getting so much damn attention, but what can I do, eh? Everyone seems to go crazy for Kayne’s second favorite person in the world. I just do not understand what is there to like so much but never mind. DListed doesn’t seem to focus heavily on adult entertainment or erotic stories, but there are a few that pop up from time to time. That’s just kind of the way that celebrity culture works anyway, right? Everyone is so goddamn interested in what the world elite do with their genitalia. Anyway, if peeking through the celeb peephole is your thing and you just want to know what is happening in their world, DListed is your thing.