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With 47,068 users at the moment, Girlswithneonhair stands for photos and images of girls with strange haircuts and colored hair! Non-natural colors only can be found here and most of the girls are an emo looking type of girls. Dyed hair is preferred but wigs are okay, too. There is some nudity here but most of the images are just girls with colored hair. This subreddit was created for the appreciation of women with rad hair-color and as such should focus on that. The content here is pretty much original and users are welcome to post their self-submissions as well. The rule for submitting is to make sure that the hair is prominent and fully visible in the photo. There is no hardcore content what so ever here but discussions are a normal thing here and text posts are available for discussion of dying techniques and product! Some of the Friendly Subreddits are listed: * Emo Girls * Girls in Lace Fishnets * Girls in Pink Undies * Girls in Striped Socks * Girls in Tube Socks * Girls in Yoga Pants * Girls with Glasses * Girls In Beanies * Girls with body art. So, basically, this subreddit is dedicated to girls who post their photos of their hair in all colors and usually, the colors are non-natural. If you are a fan of emo looking girls with strange looking haircuts of all colors, this place should be for you. Girlswithneonhair is where you can get all the info about such girls.