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HBrowse aims to redefine the traditional adult website by providing a simple interface that focuses on only providing visitors what they came to view. The content is broken down into a number of different categories and archives. You can search through an A-Z of publication titles and artist names or if you prefer, refine your content based on the genre (such as action, adventure or drama), type (such as incest, yaoi or futanari), setting (such as basement, beach or train) and other helpful categorizations of the releases. Categories page provides a general overview of some of the most unusual categories utilized in the HBrowse database. It is important to note that this is how HBrowse interprets these terminologies and may or may not be consistent with external sources. Regardless, this page is meant to be a reference to the categories found in the database. An attribute that hinders most large databases is the ability of the user to sift through the overwhelming amount of content. In the case of HBrowse, we aim to cater to visitors who have highly specific tastes and are willing to search out for new content based on these given parameters. By categorizing each series into over a hundred different distinctions, HBrowse provides a means of finding adult manga that best suits the personal preference of the user. Registration and fees will never be an issue for viewing the complete collection of adult manga found on HBrowse.