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This site is probably more suited for girls than it is for guys but in today’s world, everything is possible! Maybe you hate it but your girl or a wife will sure love it! It is worthy of mentioning even if it’s just to keep her busy while you are in the other room doing whatever you like to do! HollywoodLife is one of those celebrity gossip sites, filled to the brim with celeb scandals and much more. There is even a section only for Kardashians! The homepage looks like any tabloid magazine, with thumbnails and titles for all of the new articles. If you scroll down, the site loads like a blog and shows more articles. Why you’d want to read about Justin Bieber or who is trying to hook up with Rhianna is beyond me, but there are a few revealing outfits hidden in the mix. You can filter your celeb news into categories using the navigation bar but really, there are so many better things you could be doing with your time in my honest opinion. Anyway, if you like gossips, feel free to do it right now on HollywoodLife! On this celebrity blog, you can follow all the breaking news about your favorite movie, pop or fashion star`s lives. The blog is full of photos and articles that are updated all the time. At the fist glance, the site looks like a magazine for teenager’s, but part of its content is really spicy! It is free of charge to read any article you want.