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If you love BDSM, then one site you might want to consider is ILoveBDSM. The last thing I saw before I left the site was that they have to test some new file host options to keep the site alive. As a result, they will not be able to offer links for all new uploads anymore for some time, do not know if that will change but that is what I saw! Apart from that, this is a really good place for all BDSM lovers! Put simply, it’s a free blog-style approach to sharing the latest hardcore scenes from very popular hardcore studios. I would just mention the fact that I don’t know for sure whether or not ILoveBDSM has the authority to share this material, and it might be supporting piracy, so if you’re not big on that, you might want to look somewhere else. Anyway, the site itself updates daily with new full-length scenes. Fetishes include gyno exams, facesitting, bondage, torture and fucking machines. I’d say that almost all of the material here is a high-quality content with some videos being of a smaller resolution than 720p but that is just my opinion. To download them, you’ll have to head on over to third-party hosts. Rapidgator is the main choice, although if you want to get some serious content, signing up to these networks is pretty much required. I guess that’s how ILoveBDSM keeps their site operating with minimal charges!