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This one is probably more for your wife or a girlfriend than it is for you unless you enjoy reading about the latest celebrity gossip. JustJared is another of those sites that bring out latest news and gossip about celebrities and sort of resembles a tabloid newspaper in design. The homepage shows popular stories and underneath you’ll see the most recent new stories. An established internet presence since 2005, JustJared, has grown rapidly due to the fresh perspective it brings to the often harsh world of celebrity news. Despite all that, unless you’re interested in reading about Paulina Rubio`s baby, there isn’t really much to do here. If you crave to be aware of everything that is happening in Hollywood and in the show business world as a whole, the JustJared celebrity blog may come in handy. The site posts the latest news and photos that cover all the spiciest details of private and social lives of your favorite pop stars, actresses, models etc. The JustJared is one of the sites that you want to visit for a couple of minutes, but then can’t stop reading its interesting articles and soon realize that you’ve spent three hours reading about divorces, break-ups, pregnancies and new love affairs. So come in right now and entertain yourself with one of the best celebrity blogs because if this kind of fun is your thing then this is the right place to do it.