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With 108,128 readers here now, LipsthatGrip is a place for images and gifs of pussy-gripping goodness. Hardcore content is welcome and you can feel free to contribute while abiding the rules. It is important to know that if your post is not showing up in the “new” section, you will be able to send a message to the mods, so that they can approve it as soon as possible. There are two sidebars on the left and on the right side with various content. All of the material is updated daily so it remains fresh for every new user/reader/subscriber. If you do not see anything of your instant interest within the first 25 images to your left, simply scroll down and click on the next section to upload more images. What makes Lipsthatgrip so great is the fact that here, you can find images and gifs with the most common situations that anyone had with a girl. That makes it closer to any visitor. Basically, the point of the subreddit is to share images and videos of girls with tight pussies that get fucked and at some point the lips of the pussy grab on like they will never let go. This is a unique fetish and a lot of people will agree on that. The posts are regular and there is not a single bad word anyone could say about Lipsthatgrip.