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OmgYahoo stands for a blog that is entirely dedicated to the rich and famous. Here, you will find tons of breaking news articles, exciting photos and videos, even gifs about all people that are famous! The homepage of this site consists of endless articles like Featured-10 things we learned about Britney Spears or News-Paulina Rubio gives birth to second child and so forth! If you are into this kind of fun, just scroll down and new content will upload by itself until you reach the bottom or the end of the page. But that is not all! If you already know what you are searching for, just type it in the search bar or use one of the following options: News, Photos, The Insider, Interviews, Social Snaps, Couples, Scandals and Video! Under Video section, you can watch interviews online for free instead of just reading! There are also following options so you can follow OmgYahoo on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr And Instagram! Also, if you have a yahoo account, this site connects you to your Yahoo e-mail so you have options to view your mail and everything else related to it which is pretty handy if you ask me. Other than that, there is not much to do around here, it has only one purpose, to bring you news about the celebrities, good or bad and that would be pretty much it as long as OmgYahoo is concerned.