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Photos-star-nue might be in French (sorry, they do not have the option to switch the language of the site to English), but the site itself speaks the universal language of nudity. That is right, on Photos-star-nue you will be able to find pictures of naked celebrities, supermodels, centerfolds and all other famous darlings. The girls that you will be able to find here include famous chicks like Lindsey Lohan, Gal Gadot, Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, Margot Robbie, etc. And all of these images feature either full nudity or rather compromising poses. Naturally, this is why we have decided to include Photos-star-nue onto our best sites of ‘the fappening’ type. So, if you have a favorite celebrity who you would like to see naked, then you should definitely head over to Photos-star-nue and search for her name. There is a high possibility that this website actually has compromising images of her. Thanks to its design which is sleek and easy to navigate, finding galleries of naked stars is a piece of cake. There is also the search box which you can use in order to find your favorite celeb. Be that as it may, these galleries are completely free and hot as hell, which is why Photos-star-nue provides one of the best ‘fappening’ experiences on the entire internet. And, that is the reason why we wholeheartedly recommend it.