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This site is a special place where you will get tons of hentai content, manga and more. When you come to Rule34, you see a usual search engine page, but don’t be tricked. That’s not it. It’s just a search bar, where you can type in your inquiry, for example, “manga”. The system looks up for the best manga content on Rule34 and brings it to you! You can also choose the Posts option of the top menu and you enter the site. In this case, you get a full list of posts and access to forum and chat. The hentai, manga and other content are absolutely free to enjoy them online and to download to your computer. Also, you can upload your favorite hentai stuff and share it with the other registered users of the community, getting points and rating. If it exists out there and it is porn, Rule34 has it! If not, start uploading. People realized soon after getting on the Internet that finding adult entertainment of any nature was possible thanks to the weird and creative genius of humankind. Want to find dinosaurs fucking cars? That exists. Anyway, is a site that exploits this simple fact of the Internet by trying to archive and tag multiple sources of weird or strange pornography. There are a lot of cartoons and anime/hentai scenes, with quite a big focus on characters from comics being made into sexy slut nuggets.