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Since I’ve never been a huge fan of celebrity culture, this was not my cup of tea to write at all but I understand there are many people out there that just go insane whenever they come across some interesting information about a semi-important figure in the entertainment, media or music. For those that do follow celebrities around and want to get all of the latest information, you might consider The Superficial to be a great place to get your hands on information and details. I love the name because it describes to perfection exactly what the problem is with celebrity culture. Anyway, let’s just get down to business. The Superficial typically updates multiple times a week with various posts covering a number of topics. I’d say about 50% of them are adult-related, with photo posts such as Kim Kardashian appearing naked, Kelly Clarkson being blackmailed into working with Dr. Luke and so forth, you get where this is going. Basically, anything that involves famous people getting X-rated is covered by TheSuperficial. There are 2,701 pages here so you will be able to read and watch until you get old and you still would not get to the end of it. If you are interested in all kinds of news and gossips about your favorite movie stars, models, singers and musicians, there is a great celebrity blog for you TheSuperficial!. These guys are always aware of the latest spicy news from Hollywood and happy to share them with you.