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There is a reason why WaskuCity is called the Porn Capital of the world. Some of the best porn pictures and videos from all around the world are stored here. You can advertise your websites, have multiple accounts, post as many times as you want and all file hosts are allowed. You can even get paid to post and update rules but your posts must be of a good quality and your content must be produced by you or your company. There is even a WaskuCity currency, Wasku Dollar and the Conversion rate is 1 Wasku Dollar = 0.0001 American Dollar. The payout is 5 American Dollar per 1000 Views/Downloads. Both amateur models and professional are represented here. Content is typically uploaded to hosts like RapidShare and ImageBam. You can even advertise on WaskuCity, there is a proper space for that too. There are many different areas which your banner can be shown. The best sports are specifically inside any of our forum nodes. Each Ad is between 20 – 50 USD per month with a link where you can purchase this service. Basically, Wasku City is an adult-themed location for people all around the world to come together for the purposes of sharing adult entertainment. All of the content is user-submitted pornography broken down into various sub-forums and threads so that you can get access to exactly what you want with minimal effort. So, in other words, millions of posts, threads and hundreds of videos are there waiting all for free.