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Have you heard of animated gifs before? Gifs are little animations that repeat themselves (for all the noncomputer nerds out there!). XXGifs is a different kind of site. Yes, it offers free porn so to speak, but everything here is made from short animated gifs, so you’ll find clips that literally repeat themselves every couple of seconds. Are you looking for something really special? Yes? Well, then XX Gifs is your best choice! And, as you’ve already guessed, it’s something special in porn as it’s not a pic and not a video. XXGifs is not a usual porn tube. Of course, it offers adult content, but it’s really different. It’s all about short animated gifs, that allow you not to spend a lot of time watching porn, but get the same pleasure. How does it work? You just click on any gif you like and the magic starts working. Everything you can imagine in your naughty dreams is here! It’s still worth a look though as you’ll find all sorts of animations on here. When I say animations, I don’t mean toon porn – it’s really cut outs from movie clips or photos seamed together. The homepage is a little mixed up with everything all in one place. There are women fucking, lesbian porn, blowjobs and also men ejaculating. Be careful what you click on! Categories on the left-hand side help to narrow things down. All of the usual suspects are here including Amateur, Blowjob, Hardcore, Milf and more. All you have to do to play a “gif” file is hover over it, and a larger version appears. If you want it even bigger, click on it and boom, there’s your porn gif playing in quite a big resolution. The site is free to watch, no need to join unless you plan on commenting, saving for later or uploading your own creations!